4 Incredible Benefits of Physical Therapy

4 Incredible Benefits of Physical Therapy

You hate being hobbled by a musculoskeletal condition or injury and want the fastest road to recovery. That road should include physical therapy, which offers some amazing short- and long-term benefits.

You enjoy being able to move freely, whether taking your dog for a walk or getting together with friends for a game of pickleball. When injury or some other musculoskeletal condition develops, your world can become much smaller.

And that’s where Dr. Rajiv Sood and the team here at Spine & Orthopedic Center come in with our wide range of orthopedic services. Our top priority is to help our patients get back out into the world and move without pain and limitations, and physical therapy often plays an invaluable role in that process.

While the benefits of physical therapy (PT) are almost without limits, we’re going to highlight four here.

1. Faster healing through PT

If you’re rehabbing from an injury or surgery, PT is one of the best ways to speed up the recovery process. Through your targeted PT exercises, we get you moving in a way that not only encourages healing resources to flow through the damaged tissues but we also work on avoiding scar tissue buildup, which can limit movement.

2. Preventing re-injury

Let’s say you’re one of the 15 million people in the United States who visits a doctor each year for help for their knees. You now know what it’s like to be hobbled by a knee injury, and you’d rather not go through the experience again.

One of the top goals of PT is to rehab an injury in a way that best protects against re-injury. We rely on targeted strengthening exercises to beef up the support in the injured joint so that you can use it safely again.

3. Slowing progressive conditions

People often think of PT as something you do after an acute injury or an orthopedic surgery, but PT can help greatly with progressive and degenerative diseases equally as well.

If you’re one of the more than 92 million adults in the US with doctor-diagnosed arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms, PT is an excellent way to hold on to mobility.

Your joints are supported by muscles and we work on strengthening those muscles to take some of the pressure off of your arthritic joints. We also work on flexibility exercises so that you can maintain the range of motion in your joints to remain active. By increasing the support in your joints through PT, we can slow the degenerative processes at the same time as we can increase your pain-free movement.

4. Reducing pain-relieving medications

It’s tempting to pop a pill to manage pain, but these medications only mask the symptoms and come with some risks, especially opioid medications. In 2021 alone, more than 70,000 people in the US lost their lives to synthetic opioid overdose, and these drugs are often introduced through prescription painkillers.

Physical therapy is a great way to relieve pain naturally and sustainably to avoid the serious risks of pain medications. We provide long-term pain relief through PT by strengthening and rehabbing the damaged area correctly.

If you want to see for yourself how PT can make a huge difference in your ability to move through the world, we invite you to contact our Jonesboro, Georgia, office to schedule an appointment.