5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is So Important After an Injury

5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is So Important After an Injury

You’ve been injured and you’re anxious to get back to moving freely and without pain. One of the best steps you can take after an injury is to start physical therapy as soon as possible for great short- and long-term benefits.

Whether you’ve sprained an ankle or torn your rotator cuff, your life can change when you’ve been injured and you just want everything to get back to normal. One of the keys for healing quickly and strongly is physical therapy, which delivers excellent short- and long-term benefits.

At Spine & Orthopedic Center, Dr. Rajiv Sood and our team understand the importance of rehabbing properly from a musculoskeletal injury, which is why we offer comprehensive physical therapy services.

To give you an idea about all that physical therapy can accomplish when you’ve been injured, we review five important benefits.

1.  Faster recovery

Through physical therapy, our goal is to help you heal more quickly by strengthening the tissues that surround your injury. For example, if you have a ligament injury in your knee, we spend time strengthening the muscles that surround your knee to take the pressure off of the injured connective tissue. This allows you to regain mobility more quickly, while also allowing your ligament to heal properly.

2.  Less pain and inflammation

Another goal of physical therapy is to help relieve your pain so that you don’t have to rely on medications. Through targeted exercises, we’re able to reduce inflammation in your injured tissues and increase the flow of healing resources to the area through improved circulation. As a result, you should experience far less pain and/or a shorter duration of discomfort.

3.  Preventing chronic pain

A whopping 20% of the adult population in the United States reports chronic pain that can have a major impact on their lives. In many of these cases, the pain stems from an old injury that didn’t heal correctly.

Through physical therapy, we ensure that your injury heals properly right from the start so that you can avoid long-term problems down the road.

4.  Avoiding surgery

Another great benefit of physical therapy is that we can often heal and strengthen your damaged tissues without relying on surgery. Of course, there are times when surgery is the best course of action, such as with a complete rupture of a ligament or tendon. If, however, the damage is only partial, physical therapy can help the tissues heal without resorting to potentially risky surgery.

5.  Getting you back to your life

Our physical therapy is not only tailored to your injury, but to your goals and lifestyle. For example, if you’re a daily runner and you have a knee injury, we work with you to rehab the joint in a way that supports future running. Or, if you have a hip injury and your house is full of stairs, we work toward regaining your ability to climb those stairs.

Whatever your circumstances or goals, we design a physical therapy program that will best meet them and get you back to the lifestyle you desire.

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